Back Taxes

Well help you file your taxes if you've skipped several years

Non-Filed Taxes

The same goes for non-filed taxes

Form 656/433-A

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IRS Audit Representation

We can be present during an IRS audit to help you answer questions and understand the paperwork


Federal Long Form


Federal Non Resident


Amended Return


Federal Short Forms


Federal Short Forms


Estimated Tax Vouchers


International Filings


Wage and Tax Statement

Form 1099-R

Retirement Income

Form 1099/Misc

Miscellaneous Income

Form 1099-G

Certain Government Payments

Form 1099-SSA

Social Security Income

Schedule A

Itemized Deductions

Schedule B

Interest & Dividends

Schedule C


Schedule D

Capital Gains and Losses

Schedule E

Rental Property


Partnership/S Corp/Other

Schedule F


Schedule H

Household Employer

Schedule SE

Self-Employment Tax

Form 1116

Foreign Tax Credit

Form 2106

Employee Business Expense

Form 2210

Underpayment Penalty

Form 2441

Child Care Credit

Form 2555

Foreign Earned Income Page 1 & 2

Form 2555

Foreign Earned Income Page 3

Form 3903

Moving Expenses

Form 4562


Form 4797

Sale of Business Property

Form 4868

Automatic Extension

Form 4952

Investment Interest Expense

Form 5695

Residential Energy Credit

Form 6251

Alternative Minimum Tax

Form 6252

Installment Sales

Form 8582

Passive Activity Loss Limitations

Form 8283

Noncash Charitable Contributions

Form 8379

Injured Spouse

Form 8606

Nondeductable IRAs

Form 8812

Additional Child Tax Credit

Form 8829

Home Office Expense

Form 8863

Education Credits

Form 8889

Health Savings Accounts

Form 8917

Tuition and Fees Deduction

Form 8938

Statement of Foreign Assets

Form 8949

Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets

Form 8959

Additional Medicare Tax

Form 8960

Net Investment Income Tax

Form W-7

Application for ITIN State Returns